Our history

Until today a family owned business

IRMECO has its roots in 1965 when Mr. Adolf Irrek has founded the so called Adolf Irrek Import - Export. This company was located in a traditional business area for export traders at the Port of Hamburg. During its first years Adolf Irrek Import - Export was mainly dealing with consumer products. The major customers were located on the West Coast of South America.

A few years after considerable business the company started to expand its trading portfolio as well as its sales markets. Growth and expansion in business took place. Simultaneously, the previous importance of the port-area became less due to progress in infrastructure and telecommunication systems. As a result the company moved to Geesthacht in 1980 - a suburb of Hamburg.

End of the 1980s the firm was renamed to "IRMECO Irrek GmbH. The structure of ownership remained unchanged. In the year 2000 the number of shareholders has increased when the brothers Oliver Irrek and Ralf Irrek have joined the business. With the introduction of the modified logo in the same year the company was called IRMECO GmbH.

Due to expansion in further business activitives (manufacturing IRMECO product line) and due to steady growth of the global trading activities more space was needed. In 2009 the company has moved to a new site in Schwarzenbek. It as about 40 km to Hamburg downtown area.

In 2010 a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 was introduced successfully. Since April 2011 IRMECO is even a registered trademark.

Until today it is still a family owned business!