Activity mixture (FA-TMS test)

Highly flammable Dangerous to health Dangerous to health harmful to the environment
Activity mixture (FA-TMS test)
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Order-No.: 722307 74,10 € for 1 package plus VAT (19%) plus shipping costs
Activity mixture (FA-TMS test acc. to Donike) in MSTFA/n-hexane (1 + 4), pack of 1 mL ADR/IATA exempted: De minimis
(-) Technical data:
Asepsis: No
CAS number: see SDS
EAN Code: 04046681080982
(-) Security-related data:
GHS Number: GHS07
GHS Number: GHS09
GHS Number: GHS02
GHS Number: GHS08
Signal word: Danger
Hazard statements: H225, H226, H302, H304, H315, H319, H336, H361f, H373, H411
Precautionary statements: P201, P210, P233, P260D, P260sh, P264W, P273, P280sh, P301+310, P301+312, P330, P331
R statements: R 62
S statements: S 26-36/37-62