Classic media autoclav Type 210134

 Classic media autoclav Type 210134
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The safety mechanism integrated in the classic media autoclav means that you cannot open the unit before the temperature in the interior has dropped. This significantly improves the operational safety: unloading the unit while the temperature inside is high can be dangerous because the interior is under pressure.

The classic media autoclav removes this risk and ensures safe operation as well as fast sterilisation.

Technical data:

Type                                                   210134         
Chamber Ø                                      210 mm        
Chamber height                             236 mm        
Chamber volume                           9 Liter          
Instrument length                           228 mm       
Max. filling weight                           3 kg              
Max. capacity (Flüssigkeiten)       500 ml            
Sterilisation temperature              134°C         
Min. sterilization period                  3 Minutes   
Cycle period                                     20 Minutes  
Operating pressure                       2,2 bar         
Voltage / Voltage                             230V/1500W