Eye Wash Bottle with funnel, EY

Eye Wash Bottle with funnel, EY
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Order-No.: 365220001 12,20 € for 1 piece plus VAT (19%) plus shipping costs
  • bottle without filling and unsealed
  • PE-bottle (for approx. 600 ml) with screwed-on eye funnel, tilting valve, riser pipe and water drain hose
  • comfort-version
  • ideally located directly at a suitable water extraction point
  • for immediate use after eye accidents
  • can be used in upright and horizontal position
  • each bottle packed individually in a high-quality polybag

(-) Technical data:
Nominal volume: 600 ml


  • 277951
    Wall cabinet with structured lid (empty)
  • 277955
    Eye Wash Station (EPS) empty, for 2 EKASTU Eye Wash Bottles
  • 577950
    Wall Mounting