Hartschalenkoffer mit Schloss

Hartschalenkoffer mit Schloss
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Hartschalenkoffer mit Schloss

Accessory of:

  • CQT1501
    CQT 1501 Core™ Portable Compact Balance, 1500g, 0,1g, Pan size 120mm Ø
  • CQT2000
    CQT 2000 Core™ Portable Compact Balance, 2000g, 1g, Pan size 145mm Ø
  • CQT202
    CQT 202 Core™ Portable Compact Balance, 200g/0,01g, Pan size 120mm Ø
  • CQT251
    CQT 251 Core™ Portable Compact Balance, 250g/0,1g, Pan size 120mm Ø
  • CQT2601
    CQT 2601 Core™ Portable Compact Balance, 2600g, 0,1g, Pan size 145mm Ø
  • CQT5000
    CQT 5000 Core™ Portable Compact Balance, 5000g, 1g, Pan size 145mm Ø
  • CQT601
    CQT 601 Core™ Portable Compact Balance, 600g/0,1g, Pan size 120mm Ø
  • HCB1002
    HCB 1002 Highland™ Portable Precision, Balance 1000g/0,01g, Pan size 120mm Ø
  • HCB123
    HCB 123 Highland™ Portable Precision, Balance 120g/0,001g, Pan size 120mm Ø
  • HCB1502
    HCB 1502 Highland™ Portable Precision, Balance 1500g/0,05g, Pan size 120mm Ø
  • HCB153
    HCB 153 Highland™ Portable Precision, Balance 50g/0,005g, Pan size 120mm Ø
  • HCB3001
    HCB 3001 Highland™ Portable Precision, Balance 3000g/0,1g, Pan size 120mm Ø
  • HCB302
    HCB 302 Highland™ Portable Precision, Balance 300g/0,01g, Pan size 120mm Ø
  • HCB602
    HCB 602 Highland™ Portable Precision, Balance 600g/0,02g, Pan size 120mm Ø
  • HCB602H
    HCB 602H Highland™ Portable Precision, Balance 600g/0,01g, Pan size 120mm Ø