Article list of assortment: Irmeco Zusatz - First letter: A
Art. No. Description
SHMADAPT Adaptor for disposable homogenisr probes
SI60 Acrylic incubator, analogue
SI60D Acrylic incubator, digital
SMP301 Accessory printer for SMP30 with power supply
SS1014 Anchor paddle head
SW21 Acrylic rack for centrifuge tubes
SSM11 Accessory cadle for SSM1/1
SA81 Accessory heads for SA8
A4000 Aquatron® water still, 4L/Hr, single distilled
A4000D Aquatron® water still, 4L/Hr, double distilled
A8000 Aquatron® water still, 8L/Hr, single distilled
538014 Adapter lead (Waterproof connector to BNC electrode connector)
027500 ATC/temperature probe (as supplied with 370, 3505, 3510, 3520 and 3540)
170100 ATC/temperature probe (as supplied with 550)
170101 ATC/temperature probe (as supplied with 570)
RE400ADPT Adaptor for VC/CF condenser
027232 ATC/temperature probe (as supplied with 3340 and 3345)
FADJ08 Adjustable tray 8 litre size
FADJ12 Adjustable tray 12 litre size
FADJ18 Adjustable tray 18 litre size
FADJ26 Adjustable tray 26 litre size
FADJ48 Adjustable tray 48 litre size
735401 Automatic 8 position cuvette holder
660403 Additional carousel for automatic eight-cell changer (for use with 660 401 and 735 401)
660503 Additional carousel for water heated automatic six-cell changer (for use with 660 501)