Laboratory Catalogue 21


IRMECO General catalogue with more than 100.000 products for your laboratory!

Laboratory Catalogue 21 (PDF, 15115 KB)


IRMECO Microscopes offer a wide range of applications to researchers, doctors, clinical personnel, and educators.

Quality Microscopes for Education, Life Sciences and Material Sciences (PDF, 1875 KB)

Air Dryer

IRMECO Air Dryer is a powerful fast-drying bench-top device for drying various laboratory glassware right on the spot.

Air Dryer for Laboratory Glassware (PDF, 233 KB)

Fume Cupboards

IRMECO Fume Cupboards incorporate essential design and technical features to combine maximum efficiency with highest safety requirements.

Ergonomics & Safety for your Laboratory (PDF, 1483 KB)


IRMECO Viscometers enjoy a high reputation worldwide simply justified by high quality at a fair price.

Laboratory Viscometers (PDF, 708 KB)