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CRVpro 2 Premium (measurement) package with digital Vacuum gauge VMpro 2 ,... details Rotary vane pump CRVpro4 measure package, 4 m³/h, 2x10-3 mbar / 1500 - 5x10-5... details Oil mist separator AKD 16 is dedicated to the oil mist elimination. It is to... details Condenser AKD 25 is dedicated to the oil mist elimination. It is to be... details Freeze Dryer Adapter kit DN 16 KF for, Rotary vane pumps Freeze Dryer Adapter... details Hose adaptor Kit with Hose connector DN, 10 and DN 20 Thick-walled rubber red... details Oil Mist Filter OME 10/16 Oil Mist Filter OME is dedicated to the oil mist... details Condensers, Stainless Steel Type SKS 40/25 DN1 / DN2, Cooling surface 0.2... details Inlet Fittings Type DN 16 KF - 1/4, PP, A 1/4 Inch / mm, B / C 9 / 9 mm, D 29... details HandVac set include A, B, C, D, E, F and vacuum connection hose HandVac set... details WOB-L Pump 2546, 38 l/min, 80 mbar The WOB-L® 2546 dry piston pumps is a... details HV Angle Valves with Thread Spindle, Stainless Steel Type VA 25 HSE DN...KF,... details details no article found There was an Error. Server: