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Tenak LabLogger Starter Kit The Tenak LabLogger Starter Kit is the perfect... details Tenak LabBird The LabBird communicates data from the LabLoggers to Mylog via... details Tenak LabLogger The LabLogger will monitor the surrounding temperature and... details 3Articles like: XLT U250 Upright freezer, 253 l., -45°C to -60°C Freezer for temporary to... details ULT U100 Upright freezer, 93,9 l., -60°C to -86°C Personal freezer for easy... details LT C150 Chest freezer, 140 l., -20°C to -45°C Freezer for temporary... details 3Articles like: LT C300 Chest freezer, 296 l., -20°C to -45°C Freezer for cold-storage in... details 2Articles like: XLT C75 Chest freezer, 74 l., -45°C to -60°C Personal freezer for easy access... details 2Articles like: XLT C400 Chest freezer, 383 l., -45°C to -60°C Main and central storage... details XLT C500 Chest freezer, 495 l., -45°C to -60°C Main and central storage... details details no article found There was an Error. Server: