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Safety Bunsen Burner Flame 100, WLD-TEC

The Flame 100 is ideally suited for all flame related applications in the laboratory. The 15 millimeter precision flame allows graduated heating of dental tools as well as safe sterilization of microbiological instruments. Flame size and intensity can be adjusted infinitely. The Safety Control System SCS demonstrates extensive safety technology (approved by DIN-DVGW, approval no. NG-2211AS0167). Applicable for natural gas or butane/propane gas.

Features / Functions:

  • Flame activation with a push of a button
  • Made of high-class stainless steel
  • SCS Safety Control System with gas safety cut-off: Ignition and flame control, temperature and burner Head clogging monitor (BHC), automatic unit switch off, 4h
  • Removable burner tube
  • Nozzles for natural gas, propane/butane gas
  • Holding device for 2 inoculation loop holders
  • Push fit and threaded connection, gas filter
  • Power supply: 100 – 240 V (worldwide use), 2 years warranty
  • Measurements: 98 × 34 × 88 mm (w × h × d)


Order No.
(1)Flame 100 with button function10 30 72100
Stainless steel foot pedal32 30 66402
External IR - motion sensor for touch-free flame activation10 30 76406
Tilt adjustment made of stainless steel10 30 72300
Windshield made of stainless steel10 30 72600
Spray and wax protector10 30 72200
Adapter for gas cartridges CV 36010 30 78700

Additional gas cartridge adapters see Fuego SCS series