DURAN®TILT was developed specifically for easy and safe working in biosafety benches and clean-air hoods. DURAN®TILT makes it much more convenient to handle objects in the limited space available under these conditions.

DURAN® TILT – Cell cultur media bottle

DURAN® TILT media bottle

  • For use in two positions: Upright for filter sterilisation, or in the inclined 45° TILT position for more convenient pipetting. The new, innovative design allows for sterile, easy, and uncomplicated working processes.
  • For easier pipetting, the surface of the aperture GL 56 is 100% larger than that of the standard aperture GL 45. In this way, you can also use large-volume pipettes (100 ml) without any problems; contaminations are avoided.
  • With its ergonomic shape, the optimised white screw cap GL 56, made of non-cytotoxic polypropylene, allows for easy opening and closing.
  • Being vacuum-fast, the bottle is perfect for safe filter sterilisation of media.
  • Thanks to its small footprint and stackable design, the bottle is perfectly suited for storing the media in the fridge and heating them in the water bath.
  • Low bottle height for easy handling in biosafety workbenches and under clean-air hoods.
  • Scaling on both sides to allow for easy reading of the volume in the bottle – in upright and in tilted position.
  • Made of DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3, a time- and field-proven material which is certified as non-cytotoxic (pursuant to ISO 10993-5:2009) and reacts neither with solutions nor with solid matters; this means that it will not affect cell culture media. Being reusable, DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3 reduces the costs in the product lifecycle.
  • Not sterile on delivery.


Overall height
Order No.PU
DURAN® TILT Media bottle, clear glass10 21 144594

DURAN® TILT – Accessories and replacement parts

DURAN® TILT GL56 Bottle Tags

Made of silicone. For individual coloured marking or for fixing the light protection jacket. Available in four colours.

ArticleOrder No.PU
DURAN® GL 56 Bottle Tags, orange10 21 1562620
DURAN® GL 56 Bottle Tags, yellow10 21 1563420
DURAN® GL 56 Bottle Tags, blue10 21 1565920
DURAN® GL 56 Bottle Tags, purple10 21 1566720

DURAN® TILT – Accessories and replacement parts
ArticleOrder No.PU
DURAN® TILT Light shield10 21 156004
Made of white silicone, covers 94% of the bottle surface. Protects from UV radiation, protects the glass surface and provides for a good grip. With four coloured GL56 Bottle Tags (orange, yellow, blue, and purple) for colour coding and fixing the light protection jacket.
DURAN® TILT GL 56 self-adhesive identification label10 21 1560460
Practical self-adhesive labels for orderly labelling and unique marking of the individual cell culture media bottles to exclude mix-up, errors, and cross-contamination. Diameter 40 mm.
DURAN® TILT GL 56 screw cap10 21 1560210
With its ergonomic shape, the optimised white screw cap GL 56, made of non-cytotoxic polypropylene, allows for easy opening and closing.
DURAN® GL45 thread adaptor for bottle top vacuum filtration unit (GL 45 external, GL 56 internal)10 21 156011
Connects the DURAN®TILT bottle with the DURAN® vacuum filter unit. Made of inert PTFE. Reusable.

DURAN® – Vacuum filtration units

Specifically for the sterilisation or clarification of aqueous cell culture media. The filter can be used for the DURAN® TILT bottle (with GL 45 thread adapter) and for conventional GL 45 cell culture media bottles. It is gamma sterilised, available in three different pore sizes, and is made of non-cytotoxic materials of class VI in a cleanroom of class 100,000 – is sterile on delivery.

ArticlePore size
Filter Ø
Order No.PU
DURAN® 500 ml funnel, GL 450.19010 21 1281912
DURAN® 500 ml funnel, GL 450.29010 21 1282712
DURAN® 500 ml funnel, GL 450.459010 21 1284312