DURAN® Baffled Flask, DURAN Group / IDL

The baffles in the flask cause strong turbulences when stirring, increasing the gas exchange area and thus the oxygenation capacity (twice the oxygenation capacity of the standard Erlenmeyer flask). Thanks to the fully automated production, DURAN® baffled flasks have a reproducible geometry. Increased wall thickness for excellent mechanical stability and long service life.
Contrary to other seal types, for example sealing with cotton wool, the membrane seal with welded PTFE membrane makes a reproducible gas exchange possible while reducing the risk of contamination. Seal and flask are autoclavable and fit for repeated use. Baffled flask with Retrace Code (Batch Certificate of Performance via Internet). Temperature resistance of membrane seal: +140°C
Equipped with 4 baffles in the bottom. Supplied with membrane seal and polypropylene pouring ring


Order No.PU
DURAN® baffled flask, GL 45, 250 ml10 21 183364
DURAN® baffled flask, GL 45, 500 ml10 21 183444
DURAN® baffled flask, GL 45, 1,000 ml10 21 154591

Notice: Baffeld flasks also available without membrane screw caps.