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Reverse Osmosis Systems, RO 10-40, Werner

A basic solution to meet pure water requirements of 50 to 1,000 liters/day. Can be used as a central or decentralized solution. As a single system that can be expanded to suit your needs, the Reverse Osmosis system by Werner can be upgraded at any time to cope with increased water requirements, for example from 100 liters to 1,000 liters/day.

  • Pure water treatment for all common laboratory applications: laboratory washers, pretreatment for ultra-pure water systems, autoclaves, climatic chambers, and all simple analytical processes
  • Direct connection to tap water supply without any pretreatment
  • Extra low maintenance
  • Very low operating costs thanks to durable RO modules > 5 years
  • Standard delivery comprises the integrated pre-filter, automatic rinsing system, and high-grade stainless steel pressure tubes
  • 2 integrated conductometers
  • Conductivity < 0.1 to 199 MS
  • Programmable limit values (visual alarm)
  • Potential-free contact for the output of group alarms
  • Calibration certificate for system control as a service option
  • Optional: RS232 interface
  • Optional: 35/60/95/100/200/300/500 liters storage tanks
  • Optional: post-treatment demineralization module (ion exchange or electrode deionization)
  • Optional: pressure boost module, UV decontamination, membrane filtration
  • Available complete as a turnkey unit in a stainless steel frame with all accessories, e.g. tank, pump, post-deionization cartridge


Technical data:

Supply water:drinking water pursuant to Drinking Water Ordinance, min. 2 bar
Dimensions W x H x D:600 × 500 × 295 mm
Mounting:wall unit
Weight:30 kg (RO 10, 20), 32 kg (RO30, 40)
Electric supply:230 V / 50 Hz
Retention rate of salt:> 99%
Conductivity:0.1* – 10 µS / cm (*in combination RO-DI)
Retention rate of bacteria:>99.5%

TypePure water at 15 °C
Order No.
Werner RO 101593 02 50160
Werner RO 203093 02 50170
Werner RO 304593 02 50175
Werner RO 406093 02 50180