DURAN® Wide Neck Bottle GLS 80®, Double Wall, DURAN Group / IDL

Wide neck bottle, double wall

The double-walled DURAN® wide neck bottle GLS 80® is thermally insulated by its integrated glass cladding. To regulate the temperature in this DURAN® screw cap bottle, hot or cold liquids can be circulated through the cladding. The double-walled DURAN® bottles are a lockable, flexible alternative to cap-less beakers with cladding.


  • Suitable for use as simple, low-cost chemostat or bioreactor with double cladding for cell cultures;
  • Reaction vessel for temperature-controlled reactions such as enzyme digestion;
  • Simple stirring reactor system with continuous flow and optional GLS 80® cap component;
  • Thermostatic vessel for storing liquids, or highly viscous liquids at a constant temperature – practical for working with endo- or exothermal reagents;
  • Can be used as large cold trap or cooler with dry ice in the interior container.


  • Fit for use in a wide temperature range of -40 to +120°C. By means of the white GLS 80® polyethersulfone screw cap (order separately), the application range can be extended to -45 to +180 °C. Laboratory glasses made of DURAN® glass can be used in a temperature range of -196 to +300°C; however, the limit values for heating or cooling must be observed.
  • Made of DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3, a material with proven excellent thermal properties and a high resistance to chemical loads.
  • All components are fully autoclavable.
  • Available in two practical sizes: 500 and 1000 ml.
  • The inner diameter of 65 mm of the thread of the GLS 80® wide neck bottle allows for simple and convenient filling and emptying as well as cleaning.
  • Thanks to its flat bottom, the bottle is suitable for use with magnetic stir bar or the DURAN® GLS 80® magnet-stirring cap system.
  • Compatible with all GLS 80® wide neck connection systems for adding or removing of liquids during processing.
  • Easy-to-read scale on the interior vessel
  • For greater safety, the GL 18 outlet hose connections can be removed.
  • To ensure even heating or cooling, the position of the 10 mm PTFE inlet / outlet hose connections was optimised for constant flow around the cladding.


Total H.
Order No.
Double wall DURAN® wide neck bottle GLS 80® 50018010 21 14451
Double wall DURAN® wide neck bottle GLS 80®100027010 21 15456

ArticleOrder No.Price
Screw cap GLS 80 with sealing disc10 21 16588
White polyethersulfone cap with PTFE-clad cap insert, 5 pcs./pack
Membrane screw cap GLS 8010 21 10168
Ventilated cap (blue) for DURAN® GLS 80® made from polypropylene
DURAN® stirred reactor cap10 21 10279
incl. anchor-shaped magnetic stirrer and 4 connectors (2×GL 18 and 2×GL 1)
DURAN® wide-neck bottle cap for mixing and connecting, GLS 80®10 21 19204
incl. DURAN® KPG agitator shaft WS 10 (L = 410 mm) and 4 connectors (2× GL 18 and 2× GL 14 screw caps)