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SteriMax smart / basic – Infrared Loop Sterilizer, WLD-TEC

High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing without flame.
Ideally suited for use in any type of lab, anaerobic work environment and Laminar Flow Cabinet. Specifically focused infrared light sterilize your inoculation loop at temperatures from 750 to 1000°C after just 5 to 10 seconds.

  • Instantly ready to work without any unnecessary warm-up
  • Annealing tube made of special quartz glass
  • Very simple cleaning of the device and the annealing tube
  • Efficient use of power and minimum heat dissipation thanks to the Thermocontol technology
  • Cool-Touch housing made of stainless steel and safety glass (no risk of combustion)
  • Tested and certified for photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems according to EN 62471 by BG ETEM - Risk-free for skin and eyes

SteriMax smart

  • Auto-Start through touchless IR-Sensor technology
  • Adjustable sterilization and cool-down timers for two users by touch operation

SteriMax basic

  • Comfortable touch or foot pedal operation. (foot pedal optional)


Order No.
(1)SteriMax smart10 30 74010
(2)SteriMax basic10 30 74110
Replace annealing tube made of quartz glass10 30 74040
Stainless steel foot pedal for Fuego SCS/pro32 30 66402
For SteriMax basic
Foot pedal Radio-Upgraded package with stainless steel foot pedal10 30 78404
For SteriMax basic