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Steam Sterilizers, SHP Steriltechnik

Steam Sterilizer LABOKLAV 25

The compact table top unit with a huge capacity and the performance of a big autoclave .
No feed water or waste water connection required, ven with fast recoolng, just plug it in and start

Configuration Basic unit:

  • 25 l useable chamber volume, table top unit
  • Chamber size 275 mm diameter and 465 mm length
  • Up to 5 × 1 l laboratory flasks
  • Up to 5 kg instruments or waste
  • Max. permiseable pressure 2.8/-1 bar
  • Sterilisation temperature 98°C to 135°C
  • Integrated steam generator
  • Automatic feed water pump
  • Motorized quick closing system
  • Chamber lid made from safety glass with illuminated vision area
  • Front cover from safety glass with colored illumination (LED)
  • Thermo locking acc. DIN EN (IEC) 61010-2-40 with flexible media temperature sensor
  • Fully automated control by up to 10 programmes
  • All programmes can be individualized and code protected
  • Integrated feed water tank and condensate tank
  • RS 485 interface
  • Internal 4 MB memory chip, stores cycle data of approx. 150 cycles
  • Validation duct prepared
  • Heating power 2.0 kW, 230 V∼, 16 A

Available options:
Fast recooling (air cooling)
Vacuum system (single and fractionated pre vacuum, drying vacuum)
Combination of cooling and vacuum


Technical specifications:
Outer dimensions:
Dimensions (W×H×D):440 × 540 × 660 mm
Required table space:440 × 550 mm + 110 mm door overhang
Instrument or waste:max. 5 kg
Laboratory flasks, 1 l:max. 5 Pieces
Electrical connections:
Power connection:230 V, 50 Hz, 16 A
Max. power requirements:3350 W
Average consumtion per cycle:0.75 kW/h


Order No.
Steam Sterilizer LABOKLAV 25 B10 16 02510

Basic unit for the sterilisation of liquids, solids and waste

Steam Sterilizer LABOKLAV 25 M10 16 02511
integrated fast cooling system (air cooling)
Steam Sterilizer LABOKLAV 25 V10 16 02514
integrated vacuum system
Steam Sterilizer LABOKLAV 25 MV10 16 02515
vacuum system and fast cooling system
Transport, packing, assembly, introduction LABOKLAV 25 (optional)10 16 02599

ArticleOrder No.
Batch printer10 16 03020
for the documentation of all relevant parameters, real paper printer, stored data can be printed out at a later stage
Air filtration10 16 02501
As the unit is equipped with an air filtration, it is appropriate for use in areas with protection/safety class 2 or higher.