This machine is a low-noise, maintenance-free unit designed to ensure sterile, hygienic and dust-free operation. The mixing principle allows up to 99% of the vessel volume to be made use of (depending on the substance being mixed). Flexible drive elements and a newly-developed eccentric transmission actuate and control the movements of the mixing basket. The rubber tensioners used for holding the mixing vessel in the basket are available in two configurations. Containers of different shapes and sizes (up to two-liter capacity) can be used as mixing vessels. The desired turning speed is obtained by placing the drive belt onto the drive pulleys in one of five positions.


Technical data:
Dimensions (W × H × D):501 × 608 × 393 mm
Weight:38 kg
Load capacity:max. 10 kg
Container dimensions:max. 130 mm dia. × 215 mm
Container capacity:max. 2 l
Speeds:20, 30, 42, 62, or 90 min-1
optional infinitely variable 20 to 100 min-1
Power supply:1 × 230 V/50 Hz/180 W


Order No.
Shaking mixer TURBULA® T2F52 34 30122

excl. packaging