Disinfectants, IDL

Disinfectant spray and refill solution

Ready-to-use disinfectant for disinfection of all types of surfaces and items. Bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatic (HBV, HIV, rotaviruses). Free of formaldehydes, phenols, chlorine, iodine, peroxides, alcohol, and mercury. Ideal also for cleaning the interiors of cleanroom workbenches, disinfection in the field of cell culture, egg incubators, incubators, and for microbiological applications. Suitable for instruments, objects, and the outside of tissue culture dishes. Biodegradable.


Order No.Price
(1)Disinfectant spray, ready for use, 50 ml spray bottle35 78 73512
(2)Disinfectant spray, ready for use, 1 l spray bottle35 78 73612
(3)Disinfectant wipes35 78 73700
(4)Disinfectant solution, ready for use, 5 l refill canister35 78 73712
Disinfectant solution, ready for use, 10 l refill canister10 78 73722