Multipurpose Heating Baths, Gestigkeit

Multipurpose heating baths

Tightly soldered tubular heater, PID temperature controller with actual value display, contact thermometer bushing, stove-enameled upper jacket, all housing parts made of stainless steel (bade also spray-painted), screw-in sockets for supporting retort rods with a diameter of 12 mm.


Technical data:
External dimensions (W × H × D):310 × 280 × 310 mm
Internal bath dia.:170/270 mm bottom/top
Bath depth:118 mm
Bath capacity:5 l
Weight:6.8 kg
Power supply:230 V∼, 50 Hz


Order No.
(1)Multi-purpose heating bath PZ 26-4, up to 400°C44 06 10203

Suitable for use as either a fluid, air or sand bath. As bath fillings it is possible to use oils, water, sand or any other filling which will not attack the surface of the bath, which is made of high-grade stainless steel (material No. 1.4301).

ArticleOrder No.
(2)Multi-purpose heating bath PZ 26-7, up to 700°C44 06 10205

Same application options except fluid bath, i.e. for use only as a dry, air or sand bath.

Both baths are also well-suited for rotary evaporators.

ArticleOrder No.
Stainless steel support rod ST 12, screw-on, 12 mm Ø44 06 48001
Stainless steel ring set RI 24/E, 245 mm Ø44 06 48004
Stainless steel sand bath dish SA 24, 245 mm Ø, 80 mm high44 06 48010
Test tube insert RGG 40, for 40 tubes up to 20 mm44 06 48014
Holder HK344 06 48015

For contact or control thermometer

Silicone cable SK 83 with 3-pole connector44 06 48016

For contact thermometer

Parts for overtemperature cut-out on request.