Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps and Systems, VACUUBRAND

Chemistry diaphragm pumps

Typical applications for chemistry diaphragm pumps include evacuating chemically aggressive gases and vapors from such equipment as rotary evaporators, vacuum drying cabinets and centrifugal concentrators. Chemistry diaphragm pumps from VACUUBRAND have uncompromising chemistry designs: Due to fluorocompounds they are very resistant to chemical vapors from inlet to exhaust, and are very tolerant of condensate. Our two-, three- and four-stage pumps also have a gas ballast valve that helps to preserve pump performance when working with condensable vapors. Pumping chambers are hermetically separated from the drive space, ensuring long lifetimes of mechanical parts. Most importantly, diaphragm pumps are oil-free, for vastly reduced service demands compared with oil-sealed pumps. They eliminate the water waste of water-jet aspirators, and the contaminated waste-oil disposal of rotary vane pumps.

Chemistry vacuum system MZ 2C NT +AK+EK
The separator at the inlet (AK), made of glass with protective coating, retains particles and liquid droplets. The waste vapor condenser at the outlet (EK) is highly efficient and compact. The condenser enables near-100-percent solvent recovery, efficient recycling, and active protection of the environment.

Chemistry vacuum system MZ 2C NT +AK SYNCHRO+EK
This chemistry vacuum system provides the simultaneous operation of two processes with only one pump.

Chemistry pumping unit PC 510 select
The pumping units are equipped with a VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller with a solenoid valve for electronic vacuum control.

Chemistry pumping unit PC 511 select
The PC 511 NT is equipped with an additional manually controlled vacuum port. Check valves help to protect against cross-contamination and interference, permitting simultaneous operation of two vacuum applications with one pump.

Chemistry pumping unit PC 520 select
This chemistry vacuum pumping unit is an economic space-saving solution for simultaneous operation of two independent and electronically controlled vacuum applications with one single pump.

Chemistry pumping unit PC 620 select
This chemistry vacuum pumping unit is an economic space-saving solution for simultaneous operation of two independent vacuum applications with one single pump of very high pumping speed.

VARIO®chemistry pumping unit PC 3003 VARIO select und PC 3001 VARIO select
VARIO chemistry pumping units provide vacuum control by precise and continuous adaptation of the diaphragm pump's motor speed. The integrated vacuum controller is able to perform fully automatic evaporations with the push of a button. The pump’s variable motor speed responds to demand, reducing energy waste and mechanical wear, ensuring unrivalled service life for the diaphragms.


M:membrane vacuum pump
E:single-stage, max. 70 mbar
Z:2-stage, max. 7 mbar
D:3-stage, max. 1.5 mbar
V:4-stage, max. 0.6 mbar
C:C=chemistry design
PC:pumping station chemicals
AK:separator for condensates, suction or pressure side
EK:emission condenser
select:with the new VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller


Pumping speed
Ultimate vacuum
L × W × H
Order No.
(1)ME 1C0.7100 5.0247×121×14510 18 71100
MZ 2C NT2.0 711.1243×243×19810 18 72300
MZ 2C NT +AK+EK2.0 714.2326×243×40210 18 72600
(2)MZ 2C NT +AK SYNCHRO+EK2.0 714.5326×248×40210 18 72800
PC 510 select2.0 717.2418×243×45710 18 73150
PC 511 select2.0 717.4435×243×45710 18 73250
(3)PC 520 select2.0 717.7435×243×45710 18 73350
PC 620 select3.4 1.520.6435×243×45710 18 77350
MD 1C1.3 2 6.9316×143×17510 18 76600
MD 1C +AK+EK1.3 210.2316×239×40510 18 76620
(4)PC 3001 VARIO select2.0 28,2303×306×40010 18 70200
PC 3003 VARIO select2.8 0.621.1419×243×45710 18 78450

ArticleOrder No.
Regulator valve unit for ME/MZ 1C10 18 76843