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Laboratory Conductivity Meters, METTLER TOLEDO

FiveEasyTM conductivity, laboratory conductivity meter

Compact laboratory device for measuring conductivity, salinity and TDS at an extremely favorable price/performance ratio. Suitable as starter unit for a wide range of applications.


Technical data:
Conductivity range:0.1 μS/cm - 199.9 mS/cm, accuracy ±0.5%
Temperature range °C:0.0 – 100.0, resolution: 0.1
TDS:0,1 mg/L - 199,9 g/L
Salinity:0.00 – 19.99 psu
Power supply:ext. universal power adapter (standard)


Order No.
FiveEasy™ F30-Meter10 50 06942
Conductivity meter, electrode holder, user manual, universal power adapter
ArticleOrder No.
(1)FiveEasy™ F30-Standard Kit10 50 06943
as F30-Meter, plus electrode LE703 and calibration standards 1413 μS/cm and 12.88 mS/cm

(2) SevenCompactTM conductivity

Powerful measuring instrument for routine measurements of conductivity, salinity, TDS, spec. resistance and conductivity ash.
Also available the 2-channel-device for measuring pH/mV/conductivity: S213, page XXX.

  • 4.3″ color display with u-Focus™ for changing the information shown on the display
  • PIN-protected routine or expert mode, full GxP support
  • Plain text menu navigation in 10 languages
  • ID management: user/sample/sensor ID, Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM)
  • Calibration with pre- and user-defined buffer groups, input of cell constant, calibration timer
  • Settings for ultra-pure water, conductivity ash, bio-ethanol, USP/EP available
  • Automatic, manual or time-controlled limit point detection
  • Internal measured values memory for 2,000 data records, data export via USB-Stick
  • 2 USB interfaces for PC, connection of a USB scanner or keyboard
  • U-Place™: unique electrode holder with absolute vertical movement
  • Stirrer control available as an option, and many more


Technical data:

Conductivity:0.001 µS/cm to 1000 mS/cm
TDS:0.00 mg/l to 1000 g/l
Resistivity:0.00 to 100 MOhm × cm
Salinity:0 to 80 psu
Temperature:-30.0 to 130.0°C

ArticleOrder No.
SevenCompact™ S230-Basic10 50 01933
Device, U-Place™ electrode holder, mains adapter, certificate
SevenCompact™ S230-Kit10 50 01934
same as S230-Basic plus InLab® 731-ISM, cable, Lf-standards
SevenCompact™ S230-USP/EP10 50 01935
same as S230-Basic plus InLab® 741-ISM, cable, Lf-standards

More accessories for SevenCompact see SevenCompact pH, page XXX.

SevenExcellence conductivity, laboratory conductivity meter

Modular conductivity meter - professional performance with the possibility to enhance 1 to 2 measuring channels any time (e.g. pH, ion concentration, O2).

For detailed description see page XXX