VGKL 16 pages - QCS

Surface Evaporators, QCS

Surface evaporators made of quartz material, for the concentration or evaporation of acids and other liquid chemicals. No vigorous boiling and splashing thanks to indirect heating by means of infrared radiation. Resistant to aggressive media.230 V, 6...

Immersion Heaters, QCS

Immersion heaters made of quartz glassResistant to aggressive media.For heating liquids, acids and chemicals by infrared radiation. Resistant to heat cycles. Also with standard ground joint 34/35 or flange for simple installation in glass apparatus.2...

Bi-Distilling Devices, QCS

Bi-distillation apparatus made of quartz glass for producing bi-distillate.In the Bi 18 E, components coming into contact with water are quartz glass parts, which contrary to ordinary laboratory glass is non-hygroscopic and thus resistant to H20. The...