VGKL 16 pages - Irmeco

Air Dryer for Laboratory Glassware, Irmeco

For drying various types of laboratory glassware, e.g. bulbs, pipettes, beakers, test tubes, etc. The device has 24 drying pipes with 16 mm diameter, 16 drying pipes with 14 mm diameter and 16 drying pipes with 12 mm diameter. The outlet pipes are ma...

Viscosimeters, Irmeco

supplied with works certificateStandards:ASTM D445-446, ASTM D2515, ISO 3104-3105 Constant K at 40ºC and 100ºC

High Performance Fume Cupboards, Irmeco

External walls of strong steel construction covered with epoxy paint, internal lining (chamber material) of stainless steel covered with chemically resistant epoxy paint, lateral panels with aerodynamic profile; equipped with over pressure protection...