VGKL 16 pages - Superon

Inline Filter Holder, Superon

Installed downstream of the system pump, the inline filters effectively prevent the carry-over of contamination with the solvent while protecting the entire system from pump debris. In the long term, the use of these filters significantly improves th...

SOLARIS[PRO] Solvent Sterilization with UV Radiation, Superon

Device for screwing on to standard solvent bottles of white or brown glass with GL45 thread in sizes 1, 2.5, and 5 litres. SOLARIS[PRO] sterilizes aqueous solvents in the bottle, preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi, or algae. Accordingly, SOLARI...

THERMOS[PRO] Large Capacity Laboratory Thermostat, Superon

Combined heating and cooling unit for SEC/GPC columns and FFF channels with a temperature range of 4 – 90°C. An internal volume of 19 litres and a flexible system of different holders allow for simultaneous temperature control of up to 6 SEC/G...