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Drying Beads, IDL

Drying beads made of alumosilicate gel with indicator orange/colorless

  • Uniform bead form (bead diameter over 80% 3 to 5 mm),
  • Good mechanical strength (low abrasion),
  • Very high adsorption capacity (spec. surface approx. 700 m2),
  • Long life and good regeneration capability
    (regeneration at +100°C, max. at +180°C).

The bead shape of the individual particles together with the uniform distribution of bead size guarantees low gas resistance and and trouble-free gas throughput without formation of channels or cavities.


Order No.
Drying beads, 1 l35 78 01100
Drying beads, 2 l35 78 02100
Drying beads, 5 l35 78 05100
Drying beads, 10 l35 78 10100