Immersion Circulators, Huber

Immersion thermostats are the basic element of numerous combinations of polycarbonate or stainless steel basins. A universal screw-type clamp is comprised in the delivery for easy mounting of the thermostat on all kinds of existing basins. In connection with a cooling bath, negative temperatures of up to -30°C can be achieved. All models come with a powerful pressure/suction pump and comply with safety class III (FL) for use with combustible liquids. Pump adapters for external heating/cooling and cooling coils for the cooling water connection are available as accessories.
Pilot ONE controller: user-friendly, many functions and easily exchangeable with plug-and-play technology.
KISS controller: Economically priced and robust with all basic functions, for routine tasks.


Technical data:

Heating capacity kW2
Pump pressure max. l/min / bar
CC-E xd:

14 / 0.25
27 / 0.7
22 / 0.4
Safety Class1):FL, III

TypeTemp. range
Temp. accur. ±
Immersion depth
Dimensions (W×H×D)
Order No.
(1)KISS E(-30) 25 – 2000.052)150132 × 163 × 31210 59 62004
(2)CC-E(-30) 25 – 2000.012)150132 × 159 × 31510 59 62104
CC-E xd(-30) 25 – 2000.012)195132 × 159 × 36010 59 62504

1) FL suitable for use with flammable fluids, III = adjustable high temperature cut-off and low liquid level protection
2) according to DIN 12876, measured in 12-litre stainless steel bath.