Bridge Circulators, Huber

Bridge circulating thermostats are suitable for heating/cooling any type of bath basins. External systems may be integrated as well via the speed-controlled pressure-suction pump with VPC technology. Use the models with a more powerful heating performance to heat/cool larger bath volumes. The telescopic arm extends to a length of max. 884 millimeters.


Temp. range
Heating cap.
Temp. accur. ±
Pump pressure max.
l/min / bar
Order No.
(1)CC-200BX(-20)1) 28 – 2002.00.0227 / 0.710 59 60200
(2)CC-300BX(-20)1) 28 – 3003.0/4.00.0225 / 0.710 59 60300

1) forced external cooling necessary