MBT Adhesive Indicator Tapes, IDL

For monitoring sterilization processes. Reliable and positive identification of sterilization quality.


Order No.
(1)Stericlavable indicator tape, 1 reel of 55 m, 18 mm wide29 78 55191

The indicator on the tape changes from light beige to dark brown during steam sterilization in autoclaves. It also reacts on the action of pressure and temperature after a minimum time - at 120°C after 20 minutes and at 135°C after 7 minutes.
Application: Sensitive sterilization products in steam sterilizers, e.g. culture solutions and the like.

ArticleOrder No.
(2)Hot air indicator tape, 1 reel of 55 m, 18 mm wide29 78 55192

The indicator in the tape changes from light green to brown during hot-air sterilization. It also reacts to temperature and time - at 160°C after 60 minutes and at 180°C after 30 minutes.
Applications: Non-sensitive equipment and aids.

ArticleOrder No.
(3)Hand dispenser for indicator tape29 78 55193

Stable. For reliable dispensing and cutting of the indicator tape.