Compact Refrigerated Circulators Ministat®, Huber

Thanks to their small dimensions, these devices fits even in the most confined spaces, for example a fume hood, or can be installed in other units. All three Ministate models are available with air or water cooling. They comply with safety class 3 pursuant to DIN 12876, making them safe for unsupervised permanent operation also at the maximum permissible environmental temperature of 40°C. With powerful, speed-controlled pressure-suction pump for heating/cooling either objects in the bath and/or external applications. Infinitely adjustable pump speed. With the optional pressure sensor, it is possible to control the maximum pressure. VPC (Variable Pressure Control) for optimum circulation to protect sensitive glass objects from breaking. Ultra-short heating and cooling times thanks to small volumes and a powerful heating/cooling performance. Use displacement bodies (available as an option) to reduce the bath volume by half and to increase the effect. Furthermore, the active surface of the fluid and thus the fluid absorption is reduced. All models come with Active Cooling Control for active control of cooling performance at maximum temperature, and automatic cooling performance adjustment for economical operation and less waste heat in the laboratory. The bath opening is wide enough to cool/heat smaller objects directly in the thermostat bath. All components coming into contact with the thermal fluid are made of stainless steel or high-grade plastic.


  • Ergonomical design, small dimensions for small footprint
  • Pilot ONE with Plug&Play technology
  • Large color 5.7″ TFT touch screen, EASY Control
  • Connections for RS232, USB, and Ethernet
  • Infinitely variable pump speed for homogeneous temperature distribution in the bath or best circulation and heat transfer with external systems
  • Active Cooling Control
  • Pt100 external sensor connection
  • Control sensor can be calibrated
  • Adjustable overtemperature protection and level protection
  • Safety class III pursuant to DIN 12876-1
  • Early warning system for below-minimum level
  • Pump connections for external temperature control jobs
  • Bath with opening for heating/cooling smaller objects directly in the bath
  • Drain tap at the front available as an option


Technical data:
Pump pressure max. (l/min / bar):22 / 0.7


Temp. range
Bath vol.
Heating cap.
Cooler cap. at
Dimensions (W×H×D)
Order No.
(1)Ministat 125-25 – 1502.75/1.31)1.00.30/0.21/0.05/–225×370×42910 59 61251
Ministat 125w-25 – 1502.75/1.31)1.00.30/0.20/0.10/–225×370×42910 59 61252
(2)Ministat 230-40 – 2003.2/1.71)2.00.42/0.38/0.25/0.14255×450×47610 59 62301
Ministat 230w-40 – 2003.2/1.71)2.00.42/0.38/0.25/0.14255×450×47610 59 62302
(3)Ministat 240-45 – 2004.9/2.81)2.00.60/0.55/0.35/0.125300×465×51610 59 62401
Ministat 240w-45 – 2004.9/2.81)2.00.60/0.55/0.35/0.125300×465×51610 59 62402

All models are equiped as standard with natural refrigerant.
1) with displacement insert