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Ultrapure Water System OmniaTap, stakpure

The Allrounder. For H2O pure types I + II.OmniaTap is the ideal system when both pure water and ultrapure water are required, but in relatively small amounts. The ability to provide both types from a single system results from the combination of ultr...

Ultrapure Water System OmniaPure, stakpure

The specialist. For H2O pure type ASTM I.When your need is for highest quality pure water that fulfils the demands of analytical and life science laboratory requirements, then one of these OmniaPure systems type will be right for you. You can configu...

Ultrapure Water System OmniaLabED+, stakpure

The big one. For H2O pure types I + II.OmniaLabED+ is the system of choice when the complete laboratory pure water and ultra-pure water requirements are to be fulfilled. The system complies with international water standards such as ASTM, ISO 3696 an...